Choosing The Right Headset For Your Racing Radio

Racing radios keep you connected, but when you’re on the move, you need something versatile that allows you to remain connected while also moving around. A radio headset can offer a solution; however, this is only the case when you’re choosing the right option. Here are just three factors to consider when looking for a headset to pair with your racing radio.


Start your search with a focus on comfort. Radio headsets are generally larger than traditional headsets used for playing music. For this reason, it’s very easy to end up with a set that is uncomfortable. Always pick up every pair of headsets you are considering to see how lightweight they are.

The heavier the headset, the more uncomfortable. Another comfort factor to consider is how well they fit. If the set fits too snug, it can press down on your ears and cause discomfort. If it’s too loose, it can rub up against your ear and cause irritation. Make sure you’re adjusting the headsets to ensure you can find the right fit. 

Incoming And Outgoing Audio

With racing radio headsets, it’s not just important to be concerned with the clarity of any incoming sounds. It is even more important to also focus on the clarity of the sound produced by the headset. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to look for a unit with a dynamic microphone.

Dynamic microphones provide a crisp sound that is easier for people on the other end to understand. It’s also important to look for units with built-in noise cancellation to ensure people on the other end of the radio hear what you’re saying and not just the background noise. Typically, noise cancelling headsets will have larger earmuffs.

Waterproof Microphone

People sometimes overlook the importance of using a waterproof headset. Whether or not this feature is important has everything to do with the environment in which you will use the headset. If you will always be indoors, in a climate controlled environment – you might not need this feature.

However, in the world of racing, it’s more likely that you will be using the headset outside so you will sweat. If you’re sweating excessively, overtime, this extra moisture can seep into the microphone and cause permanent damage. Headsets with waterproof microphones are void this concern.

Make sure you are taking your time when choosing a headset for your racing radio for the best result.  

Contact a local outlet, such as Club Racing Radios, for further assistance.   

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