Customization Options for ATVs

If you buy an ATV with the intention of enjoying long trail runs, you’ll want to equip the ride with the amenities that make the trip easier and more comfortable. Before you hit the trail for the first time, here are a few cool additions that you should think about investing in.

Locking Storage Cover

Side-by-side ATV models usually have a back compartment where you can store things. Unfortunately, most of those compartments are uncovered, so it makes it hard to store anything that isn’t too heavy to bounce out. If you’re planning lots of long runs, that’s challenging. To make things easier, a practical investment is a locking cover designed to fit that back space. With the key-controlled lock, you can keep your belongings safe no matter where you’re headed.

ATV Tow Hitch

Most ATVs are fully capable of towing smaller recreational trailers, making it easy for you to bring along any supplies you’ll need for the day (or even the weekend). Look for a compact, easy-to-mount tow hitch that you can put on the back of the ATV. If you aren’t confident in your ability to install it safely, your local recreational supply retailer can help.


If you enjoy listening to music, there’s no reason why you should have to skip that when you’re out riding on your ATV. In fact, if you want to have your music while you’re riding, talk with a local accessory shop about installing an ATV audio system. You can have it installed with a series of speakers as well as an integrated in-helmet audio system. Integrated with a communication platform, you’ll be able to listen to music while still communicating with your passenger.

Weather-Safe Covers

Any trip out on the ATV can leave you facing the potential of rain threats. Be prepared for whatever kind of storm threat might loom by packing weather-safe covers for your ATV. These covers secure to the roll cage and the racks around the ATV to protect you, your passengers, and your cargo. All you need to do is hook the cover onto the mounting brackets, which usually takes only minutes.

These are just a few of the many options available for customizing ATVs. If you’re interested in adding your own conveniences and personal touches to your ATV, this is a great place to start. Talk with your local recreational vehicle shop for more information and make sure you consider the way that you ride to help you choose the things that will be the most beneficial to you

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